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Often successful athletes feel like they are “stuck”. They have reached a plateau where, no matter how hard they push themselves, there seems to be little improvement. It is frustrating, especially if they know they have the heart and skills to do better. Biofeedback and the personalized counseling and training that follows will teach the athlete the skills necessary to develop self-awareness and improve skills to self-regulate emotionally and physically. Self-talk, negative or positive, may impact the outcome of a performance.  “To encourage athletes to maximize their potential in competition, they need to be trained both in performance of their physical skills and in their mental attitude”(Erik Peper, PhD; bfe.org) .

There are so many situations that can be bettered when a person does not get flustered. Job interviews, job performance and public speaking are at the top of that list. When a person learns to overcome the fear that shakes their confidence they feel uplifted and proud. One of the many goals of biofeedback training and counseling is to elevate confidence. One of the gifts of biofeedback training and counseling are the tools a person develops so they can act instead of react.

Concentration is the basis of doing well in school at any level. Between the amount of assignments, high expectations, ever changing technology and outside influences, a student can lose the ability to concentrate easily. Children often are unable to express when they are feeling overwhelmed. They may not recognize the signs of stress. Biofeedback combined with other therapeutic techniques will start them on the road to developing healthy, positive coping skills. It will assist them with recognizing the slight changes in their body (muscle tension, breathing, etc.) and enable them to initiate techniques to reduce their stress and anxiety. These are techniques that they would be able to implement while sitting at their school desks, or in front of peers while giving a speech.  

A few goals that people strive toward ... 
Stress has become part of our daily lives . . .  “According to American Psychological Association’s 2012 Stress In America survey, stress keeps more than 40% of adults lying awake at night” (APA: How Stress Affects Your Health). Stressors can mount as the day progresses to the point where we feel ill and wonder if we are “losing it”. Stress may be generated from an emotional place but eventually, it can manifest itself physically. You may not always be able to control the stressors, but you can choose how you respond to the stressful event through Biofeedback training and personalized counseling.

Biofeedback training is considered 
particularly effective for:
• Anxiety
• Chronic Pain
• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
• Migraine Headaches
• Performance Anxiety
• Raynaud’s Disease
• Relaxation Management
• Stress Management
• Tension Headaches
• TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) 
• Conditions that are exacerbated by stress