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Biofeedback Training & Counseling Services
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Biofeedback along with personalized counseling and training can really make a difference. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 
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 "The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes" 
BIOFEEDBACK is a therapeutic tool used to pinpoint an individual’s physiological response to their thoughts during a controlled presentation of imagery with the ultimate goal of being able to produce similar results on their own. The discoveries that are made using this process can be surprising and are the basis on which an individualized program of training and counseling is created. The idea is to bring the unaware (breath, heart rate, muscle tension) to your awareness.  This awareness provides a path that leads to a healthier a you.  
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Stress & Optimal Performance 

How does anxiety or stress impact your: 
Endurance, flexibility, recovery, rhythm, reaction, respiration, speed and timing?

Who can benefit from Optimal Performance Training:
Athletes, Executives, Firefighters, Military, Musicians, Policeman, Students and more...